LB Officine Meccaniche S.p.A. designs and builds plants and  machinery for ceramic industry, milling of raw materials, production of premixed powders, handling and storage of loose materials.


Leader in the field of technology for porcelain tiles, the systems developed by LB for handling ceramic powders rely on  innovative processes for weighing and batching, press feeding and press decorating, colouring, granulating and compacting. All this is an essential  tool for the production of porcelain tiles with the highest standards also from  the aesthetical point of view.


The innovation brought to the field of milling and treatment of raw materials confirms LB as the point of reference in particular in dry  milling, drying, screening and grading technological processes. LB machinery and plants are successfully used worldwide also for the treatment of ceramic bodies, clay, kaolin, feldspar, carbonate and other raw materials.


LB designs and builds complete systems for the production of premixed powder used in constructions.The experience and know-how related to storage, transport, weighing, batching and mixing of raw materials result  in technologically innovative industrial plants for the production of glues and adhesives, mortars, plasters, cement-based binders and other products for the modern building industry.


LB is  also the ideal partner  for “bulk handling” activities (i.e. plants for storage, transport, management  etc.) for loose materials and powders in general..


Today, thanks to the experience acquired over the years in several industrial sectors, LB can offer an excellent service in providing, even in the harbour field, particularly functional and innovative plant solutions.