LB has developed an innovative software platform integrating the concept Industry 4.0 for the machines and production plants. The software collects, analyzes and elaborates in a continuous way the sensitive data of machines and plants, reporting in advance any possible stop or important reduction of productivity, granting the direct access of qualified personnel for consultancies, verifications, assistances and planning of preventive maintenance with the support of the customer care office.
This new software platform, introduced for the first time worldwide at Tecnargilla 2016, is made of a control “cockpit” collecting and optimizing the sensitive information form all the “satellite” softwares installed in the machines and plants reporting it in real time to the user.
This architecture allows to control and plan the activities of maintenance and keeping in efficiency of the plants, raising the client from this task and giving an immediate support from remote or, as an alternative, with one of the programmed continuous maintenance services offered by LB.
The management of the maintenance activities uses the new instruments offered by LB, the “service pack”: a complete package of programmed interventions for keeping the machines and plants fully efficient, granting availability of spare parts and full restoration of machines and plants.
A range of services of training and programmed continuous maintenance are associated to each LB tecnology.
According to the role and preparation of the participants, AST4 offers highly specializing courses, as follows:

  • Training for press charging
  • Training for dry grinding technology
  • Training for management and control of the technological tower

Within the various training courses, the following levels are available:

  • Operator
  • Maintainer
  • Technologist

The certification obtained with these training courses, organized both for the clients and for the suppliers, will be an accreditation representing an added value for those who achieve it: this added value can be spent on the market.
These courses give a certification to operate on the LB technologies.
To the most exigent clients or to those who are particularly interested in “know how”, AST4 also offers consultancy packages covering the whole ceramic process, from the storage of the raw materials to the storage of the finished product.
The consultancy services offered are the following:

  • Check-up of plants and their setting in efficiency as concerns consumptions and productivity
  • Technological research on the aesthetical effects and on the bodies to increase the profitability of the plant

The programmed and preventive maintenance is available for the various technologies and devices realized by LB with the possibility to purchase in COMBO both the maintenance service and the spare parts package associated to the LB machines and devices.