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LB began its activity in 1973, in Fiorano, in the nerve centre of the ceramic district of Sassuolo. Over the years, LB has become a reference developer and manufacturer of systems for the production of bodies and porcelain stoneware for the ceramic industry, and offers complete systems for the production of premixes for the building trade and for powder treatment in various industrial fields.
Thanks to its commitment to innovation, the company owns many patents for systems developed over the years, which attest to the high standard of quality of LB technology. Some of these systems, such as EASY COLOR SYSTEM and DUAL for instance, have given a boost to the evolution of porcelain stoneware and have opened the way to a new generation of technology for treating ceramic powder, such as MIGRATECH, EASY COLOR BOOST, DIVARIO and FREESTILE. The latter are bound to improve the technical and aesthetic quality of ceramics further still.
The LB Group,  including also SITEC TECHNOLOGY and SERMAT, is a leading manufacturer in the field of ceramics; LB employs 120 people and has a turnover of over 50 million Euro.
Sitec Technology designs and develops complete systems for treating raw materials for the production of tiles, glaze, ink, frit, brick, adhesives, powder adhesives, glass and derivatives.
Sermat has specialised in the production of machinery and systems for crushing, milling, drying and grading raw materials.

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