Research and Innovation

LB was settled in 1973 in the heart of the ceramic district of Sassuolo. Since ever, LB is the world reference in designing and realizing plants for the production of premixes for the building industry and for the treatment of raw materials in various business fields.
The innovation capability of the company is also witnessed by the various patents that, during the years, prove and cover the quality standards of the LB technologies in the relevant market. Some of these technologies as EASY COLOR SYSTEM and DUAL have boosted the evolution in porcelain tiles and have open the way to the new generation of technologies for the treatment of ceramic powders, as MIGRATECH, EASY COLOR BOOST, DIVARIO and FREESTILE.
Since September 2017 a new laboratory is operating within LB: as concerns the part related to the production of porcelain tiles, the existing line was doubled and the Freestile system and a new press were installed.
As concerning grinding, the existing microgranulation system was completely renewed, adding a second line, installing the Freestile system and a new press.
As concerns grinding, the granulation plant has been completely renewed and a new line of body preparation has been added, including the newest technology Migratech 4.0.
Furthermore, the laboratory processes will be controlled by the brand new software PLUS by AST4 representing the present and the future of monitoring the production processes in the ceramic industry, fully compliant with system Industry 4.0 .

Migratech has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 882436