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LB continues to work shoulder to shoulder with its customers even after installing the production lines, by means of the technical support system, either in person or remotely, according to the principles of Industry 4.0, in order to help customers in the daily management of their systems, ensuring rapid response times for any malfunctions that should occur

30 minutes

A call is received

1 hour

Start support work on problems that affect the functioning of the plant

2 hours

Start support work on problems that restrict the functioning of the plant

24 hours

Start support work on problems that do not affect or restrict the functioning of the plant

The LB research and development division has developed specific software systems to control the production cycle, even remotely and by means of augmented reality




Through its functional modules with which it can be equipped, the myPlus software platform not only manages the production process by means of a simple and intuitive graphic interface for the operator, but it also provides timely and effective information to ensure optimal management of production processes. The maintenance management function makes it possible to schedule, optimise and make maintenance qualitative, guaranteeing the longevity and quality of the installations. Usage statistics identify inefficiencies and criticalities, allowing corrective action to be focused where necessary, while process analyses using graphical trends ensure a machine and line setup that maximises productivity in relation to efficiency and consumption. Material consumption reports make efficient procurement and overall control over the production process.

myPlus is defined as a platform because it is a modular, scalable software solution for all systems in the entire supply of LB technologies, making the user experience familiar to the operator. The key elements characterising the myPlus software for the different LB technologies are:

Design of the entire system and user experience targeted at the user

Timely and effective information formatted for the interlocutor

Structured data and functionality tailored to the process to make it efficient

Quickly and easily accessible
multimedia information


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