After the success of last year, LB has exhibited its products for the second time @CICEE Foshan with a booth of over 100 sqm where the new collections of tiles and slabs were displayed.

Thanks to the continuous R&D activities within the LB laboratory, the Chinese manufacturers have particularly appreciated the products with through-passing vein also suitable for the furniture industry; the Chinese audience was glad to realize that these products can easily compete with the natural stones, replicating its technical and aesthetical features.

In Foshan LB has also exhibited for the first time the slab 120×240 cm. produced with the revolutionary microgranulation technology Migratech 4.0.

CICEE, by now the most important exhibition all over Asia for the technologies for the ceramic industry, started on May 30th  with a “lecture” of the designer Luca Fois about the activities of the division LB Arte italiana, whose aim is to approach, involving it,  the world of design, so to influence the ceramic market.

The event, unique for this type of exhibition, was held at the lounge ACIMAC and collected architects and designers coming from various areas of China and ‘till now not involved in the ceramic market.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s research and innovation program under agreement No 882436