Migratech 4.0

Migratech 4.0

The continuous R&D activity carried out at the new LB technological laboratory, has allowed to complete all the different plant configurations, part of the MIGRATECH 4.0 technology.
MIGRATECH 4.0 means to apply the optimal technological configuration, according to any production need and request of the client related to the finished product. The LB proposal is articulated in a wide range of technological solutions, which, through different system configurations, allows to achieve a high energy saving, maintaining the simplicity of the process and the quality of the finished product, with reference to the raw materials used.
The advantages of MIGRATECH 4.0 technology are:

– Compatibility with the concepts of Industry 4.0;
– Best technological solution based on the raw materials features and on the quality of the finished product to be obtained;
-Reduction of energy consumption and water consumption;
– Lower environmental impact;
-Possibility to produce tiles in class BIa and big slabs;

The first phase of the research has allowed to obtain, with any technological configuration, a granulate with shape and flowability similar to the spray dried powder. LB has succeeded in developing a process to produce a granulate with excellent flowability, correct particle size distribution and which allows to produce class BIa tiles.
The comparisons on morphology and granulometry of a spray dried sample (AM) and two granulate samples (LB1 and LB2) are shown below.
The shape of the granules obtained from the Migratech 4.0 technological solutions is very similar to the spray dried powder.


The particle size distribution of the granules is very similar to a standard spray dried powder, giving to the granulate powder an excellent flowability. This feature is measured with a special device designed and developed by LB, which has become the standard for the measurement of this parameter.



From the point of view of the technological features after firing, the products obtained with MIGRATECH 4.0 are very similar to the ones obtained with spray dried powder.



MIGRATECH 4.0, is therefore the best solution to meet the following needs:

– install a new body preparation plant, for any type of finished product;
– renew and/or expand an existing plant;
– increase the efficiency of your body preparation system;
– reduce the energy costs of spray drying, maintaining the wet grinding preparation.

The MAIN DRIVER of MIGRATECH 4.0 technology is to save energy. The amount of energy saved depends on the plant configurations and technological solutions used and it’s summarized in the following graph:

To conclude, MIGRATECH 4.0 is the only body powder preparation technology which, through different system configurations and with the MAIN DRIVER of the energy saving, allows to get an optimal granulate powder for the production of any type of ceramic tiles, without the use of the spray dryer.

Migratech 4.0 has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 882436