MIGRATECH is the innovative system of dry grinding with micro-granulation of ceramic designed by LB. Over the past 15 years, the company has perfectedthe technology of dry preparation of ceramic bodies, developing and optimizing system solutions targeted to different types of production,providing a very high quality of the finished product and a drastic reduction in energy costs, plus the ability to produce according to criteria based onsustainable development.
The mixture has a good smoothness and easy deaeration during the pressing phase, ensuring high and homogeneous compaction of the pressed product.This technical aspect has allowed to achieve results previously unattainable in the field of dry grinding: LB customers currently produce, for the first time in the world, dry grinding porcelain (absorption <0.2%) with sizes up to 60×120. This is the case of ceramic Gladymar in Bolivia. This prestigious and historicalcustomer of LB has installed a micro-granulation plant, complete of press feeder DryFeed, which has allowed him to produce porcelain tile in red pastein 60×60 and 60×120 cm format. The product obtained through the use of LB technology presents important technical features which mark a significant evolution in the history of porcelain stoneware.
The advantages of MIGRATECH technology are various and it is for this reason that not only Gladymar, but also other international companies have invested in this direction: Pyramids and Omega, two important Egyptiancompanies, have doubled their line of dry grinding technology MIGRATECHafter only one year since the first installation.
Signals of this type are coming from all over the world; it has been so also with other important ceramic companies such as Al Omaraa – La Beauté(Egypt) and Celima (Peru). The installation of the first production lines whichtook place less than a year ago has brought results so convincing, in terms of production efficiency and energy saving, to make both of them asking for a doubling of the plant.
Once again, these data confirm the vision of LB who introduced this processinnovation during Tecnargilla’s 2010th edition, realizing immediately the potential of this technology that would have tracked, from there on, a new direction in the preparation of ceramic bodies.