On the page dedicated to Business Ethics, we explore the values ​​leading our business, committing ourselves to maintaining high standards of integrity and responsibility.

In this section you understand what we do and why we do it, strengthening the link between our core values ​​and our daily business practice.


Organization and Management Model Legislative Decree 231/01

We guarantee compliance with legality, transparency and fair competition. We have adopted the Organization and Management Model, compliant with Legislative Decree 231/01, in order to prevent and effectively manage the risk of committing crimes, strengthening our engagement to an ethical and compliant company.


Ethical code

Our Code of Ethics is the base of the moral principles guiding our action. In this section, we examine in detail the ethical values ​​that define our behaviour, ensuring transparency, honesty and respect in all our interactions.


Supervisory body

The Supervisory Body is our guarantor to ensure compliance with ethical and legal rules. Find out how this body plays a crucial role in monitoring, evaluating and promoting a corporate culture based on ethical integrity and legal compliance.



We have adopted a secure and confidential channel to receive reports of illicit behaviour in violation of the principles of the code of ethics: the Whistleblowing section is the channel through which such reports can be sent.


Environmental sustainability

Explore our commitment to environmental sustainability, a crucial element of our social responsibility. Here we highlight corporate practices aiming to preserve the environment, contributing to a more sustainable future for all.