Terrazzo is a composite material, consists of chips of natural marblequartzgraniteglass, or other suitable material, poured with a cementitious binder and casted directly as floor or produce in factory as tiles.

Terrazzo was introduced at the end of the 19th century but became popular around 1920s. Terrazzo is still today popular because of its unique design but we noticed that now it is not in demand because of lengthy, laborious and tough procedure and need also to polish floor after laying.

Therefore, we think to redefine Terrazzo and after our lots of efforts and R&D we made our machine called FLAKETECH which can produce Terrazzo similar effects in vitrified tiles or slabs. Yes, it’s vitrified (Technical Porcelain) ceramic composite product. So, it is water, frost and stain resistance and very low porosity. It is much stronger then cementitious tiles. Our Flaketech kit produces chips (Flakes) using ceramic spray dried powder and create Terrazzo effect and then it’s pressed and fired as like other vitrified tiles.

So now, any vitrified (Technical Porcelain) tiles producer can manufacture these beautiful Terrazzo tiles.

Article courtesy of Mr. Dipen Poriya, Director of LB India.